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Colorectal Surgeons located in Pasadena, CA

Huntington Colorectal Surgeons

Regain control of your health. Achieve Relief At Last.

Trust Pasadena’s Leading Colorectal Surgeons With Your Bowel Health

The colon and rectum are instrumental in maintaining your overall health and wellbeing. This is why it’s very important to seek professional medical assistance if you experience any problems with your bowel movements.

Huntington Colorectal Surgeons in Pasadena is one of the premier colorectal treatment centers. Our internationally reputed colorectal surgeons have many years of cumulative experience in the field of colorectal surgery. We can help treat your bowel condition, allowing you to lead a full and happy life.

Our lead surgeon – Dr. Howard Kaufman – has been voted as one of “America’s Top Surgeons” and “Top Docs in San Gabriel Valley” for multiple years in a row. You can trust him and his team of highly-respected surgeons – Dr. Gabriel Akopian and Dr. Juliane Golan – for premium-quality care. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

Our colorectal cancer specialists are with you every step of the way

We understand how devastating a cancer diagnosis can be for you and your family. The journey to remission may not be easy, but our Huntington Colorectal Surgeons are with you every step of the way.

Dr. Howard Kaufman, Dr. Gabriel Akopian, and Dr. Juliane Golan have worked with multiple colon, rectal, and anal cancer patients. They will study your medical history, evaluate your condition, and develop the most customized treatment plan for you.

Dr. Kaufman in particular is an internationally renowned specialist in colorectal cancer. He has worked in leading cancer care hospitals in America and is actively involved in the research on advanced treatment for colon and rectal cancer and other pelvic malignancies. His extensive surgical experience, coupled with his advanced knowledge about colorectal cancers and his empathetic approach, create the most straightforward cancer treatment experience.

Our number one priority at our Pasadena colorectal cancer facility is to help you feel comfortable, safe, and positive throughout your treatment journey. The procedures we implement to diagnose and treat cancer are body-friendly and designed to reduce your discomfort as much as possible.


A Word From Our Patients...

Conditions we treat

Our colorectal surgeons in Pasadena specialize in treating the following conditions:

  • Anal Abscesses
  • Anal Fissures
  • Anal Fistulae
  • Anal Tags
  • Anal Warts
  • Colitis
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Diverticulitis
  • Fecal Incontinence
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Colon & rectal polyps
  • Ulcerative Colitis

We follow a multi-disciplinary approach to colorectal health

Medical conditions affecting the colon, rectum, and anus are seldom stand-alone conditions. You may have other underlying issues that you may be unaware of. Our Pasadena colon and rectal doctors work to identify the prime cause of your bowel condition using a multi-disciplinary approach.

Our considerable experience in colorectal research and colorectal treatments allows us to use diverse approaches to understand your condition’s true nature and provide the most bespoke treatments. Contact us for more information.

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Easing bowel discomfort with compassionate treatments

At Huntington Colorectal Surgeons, YOU matter to us. Each of the procedures we design is crafted to ensure your complete comfort and safety. Every patient, even those who are diagnosed with the same bowel condition, manifests different symptoms. Our patient-centric approach allows us to provide the most targeted treatments that will help treat your unique colorectal condition.

Our doctors have extensive experience working with a variety of patients and conditions. We understand how stressful and scary a trip to the doctor can be. We strive to create an environment of calm and trust that will help facilitate faster recovery. During our time as colorectal surgeons, we have had the opportunity to handle a variety of cases, ranging from the simple to the complex. Our role as members of a research institute as well as a teaching hospital allows us to adopt the most advanced techniques and tools to achieve the desired treatment outcomes.

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Our mission is to improve your life experience, wellbeing, and overall health with access to the most comprehensive colorectal health services Pasadena has to offer.

Kate C.

Dr Akopian and his staff are wonderful. Besides his surgical genius, he is a very nice human being. Would refer anyone I know and care about to him. Am blessed to have had him as my surgeon.

Marianne R.

My whole experience was professional, caring and resolved my issues. I can’t recommend Dr. Kaufman and his staff highly enough!

Danielle G

Dr. Akopian saved my mom’s life after her cancer had been misdiagnosed by several other doctors as something minor and relatively insignificant. He was so compassionate and thorough. He always took our calls and took the extra time for us. We are so grateful for him and his caring staff.

Joshua S.

Highly recommend. Wonderful front desk nurses and staff and Dr Golan is an insightful and extremely knowledgeable doctor. This is how a doctor’s office should be.

Jill B.

Dr. Golan is absolutely lovely and very gentle. She explained the procedure with side effects and complications thoroughly. I have never been so pleased with a physician as with Dr. Golan.

Sandra O.

Doctor Kaufman is an incredible surgeon. Not only is he extremely skilled but he is compassionate. He has shown genuine care toward my well-being. I’m so thankful for him, and Kristine, his nurse. The office staff, and Lucy are all warm and caring from the moment one arrives at the office. The level of professionalism and concern for patients is well beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. What a blessing to have found Dr Kaufman to treat my diverticulitis. I’m so thankful.

Constance R.

Dr.Golan spent plenty of time with me and answered all my questions. She and her assistant were professional and set me at ease for the exam. A pleasant experience.

Aileen F.

Dr. Akopian and his staff took excellent care of me from new patient intake to post-surgical consult. Communication was excellent and timely. Nurse Olga and Loretta were patient, thorough and timely.

Joe D.

I highly recommend Dr. Kaufman. He and his are very professional & caring. He spends time listening and explaining, which seems to be a thing of the past for most doctors these days.

John Y

Dr. Akopian saved my life. I had a ruptured appendix that had burst several days before I got to the ER and was one of the worst cases Dr. Akopian had seen in many years. I was in the hospital for a week and went home with drain tubes. Dr. Akopian was extremely skillful, and also patient, thoughtful and assuringly calm. He is the very best.

Jason C.

Dr Akopian took his time examining me, explained his opinion clearly, and left me reassured about my need for surgery and general well being.
Excellent experience.

Robot-assisted surgery can make your treatment very comfortable

Huntington Colorectal Surgeons is one of the premier robotic surgical facilities in the San Gabriel Valley. We use cutting-edge robotic surgical technology to provide many of our abdominal surgical treatments.

Our choice is the robotic surgical DaVinci System, which has been specifically designed to perform colorectal surgeries.

It helps to:

  • Reduce the need for open surgery
  • Prevent large surgical incisions
  • Reduce pain during & after the procedure
  • Decrease hospital stay length
  • Facilitate quicker recovery & faster return to work

The DaVinci Robotic Surgery System comprises state-of-the-art surgical tools that mimic the surgeon’s hand and wrist movements, ensuring the most precise maneuvering during surgery. The system offers 3D visualization into the treatment site, which helps us plan the surgical path precisely and reduce the need to cut into healthy tissues.

Our colorectal specialists are licensed operators of the DaVinci Robotic Surgery System. You can trust us for minimally-invasive treatment.

logo for colorectal surgeons in Pasadena

Reasons to choose Huntington Colorectal Surgeons for bowel treatment

  • Pedigree of surgical & scientific excellence.
  • Wide range of customized procedures that are adapted as your treatment progresses.
  • Extremely affordable treatments.
  • A cutting-edge facility that is upgraded with the latest medical technology.
  • Innovative procedures focused on patient comfort, shorter hospital stay, and faster recovery.
  • Highly-sanitized facilities that follow all mandated hygiene & safety practices.

It’s time to embrace a new life

Colon, rectal and anal conditions don’t need to dictate the course of your life. Your days don’t need to be filled with pain, discomfort, and embarrassment. With timely medical treatment, you can say goodbye to bowel problems and live life to the fullest.

Our team of board-certified colorectal surgeons is committed to restoring your bowel to it’s healthy and optimal condition. Not only will we work with you during diagnosis and treatment, but we partner with you to ensure a successful post-treatment recovery.

Our staff is renowned across the San Gabriel Valley for their expertise, professionalism, empathy, and efficiency. You can trust us for your colorectal health.

If you are seeking a proctologist in Pasadena and you’d like to schedule a consultation with someone from our team, please contact us today. We serve patients in Pasadena, Glendale, the Palm Desert Area, and the San Gabriel Valley. Contact us for more information. We are here if you need us.


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