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Dr. Kaufman is a genius, he was my surgeon in a very difficult bowel resection surgery and I was so scared because other surgeons wanted to do open surgery, leave me with scars, a bag and they gave me nightmares about the outcome. when I saw Dr. Kaufman for the first time I knew right away I could trust him 100%. He is so professional, caring and prepared. When I woke up from my surgery I did not even have the marks of the laparoscopic surgery because he was able to do everything from a little incision on my bikini line. A few months later I can't even see a scar and I am cancer free! I really love this doctor and his staff.

Mari N.

He was patient and took the time to answer all our questions. he even waited for more questions. He didn't try to scoot us out. he also taught us what was going on. He made us feel really comfortable.

John H.

Dr. Kaufman came to my rescue and fixed me and gave me hope as I had lost hope that I would be on depend forever. Dr. Kaufman was very reassuring and he talked with a lot of confidence. He told me that he could fix me which he did. He was very honest as far as the time frame to complete my treatment. He was very thorough and he has an excellent bedside manner. He explains things to you and he is very patient and empathetic. He is my hero and I shall NEVER forget him.

Chychy E.

Dr. Akopian saved my life. I had a ruptured appendix that had burst several days before I got to the ER and was one of the worst cases Dr. Akopian had seen in many years. I was in the hospital for a week and went home with drain tubes. Dr. Akopian was extremely skillful, and also patient, thoughtful and assuringly calm. He is the very best.

John Y.
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I underwent a 6 hour robotic surgery under the skilled care of Dr. Kaufman and Dr. Tate on Wed and was at my son's soccer game on Saturday. I am healing very well. Dr. Kaufman and his entire staff and surgical team are very caring, skilled, efficient, and they listen to your concerns and follow up. If you come across this doctor when you're searching for either pelivc floor repair or colorectal healing. I would consider yourself blessed and give them a call.

Jason L.


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